In 2017, I took on Elle Luna's THE 100 DAY PROJECT and took on the  #100daysofcreatingthekrissafont challenge.  
- the story -
 My love for typography started in high school, when I became friends with Kristel Reyes. Krissa was her nickname we created by mashing our names together. 
Hand-written notes were our thing and I heart-eyed every single letter she wrote me. I envied how effortless and beautiful her handwriting was. It matched her personality . . . 
bold, playful, cheerful, & ohso beautiful! She passed away in a car accident in 2003, just weeks before our high school graduation. 
- the krissa typeface - 
It's a font [coming soon!] made with tons of love + tons of emotions + should only be used to be a force of good.  #krissafont

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