Melissa Monroy DBA Mint and Merit
H E Y — F R I E N D S !
Who is excited for the weekend?! Thought I would kick it off right with a #fridayintroductions post:

1. I’m a girl who grew up in Chula Vista, attended middle school in Coronado and moved to Temecula in high school. I went to Fresno State briefly and rushed back home to attend (and graduate from) SDSU.

Each of these places shaped me and made me the person I am today. A little mix of this, and a little mix of that 🙃 So grateful for all the experiences, the friendships and everything in between.

2. According to @23andMe, I am 29% Spanish & Portuguese + 25% Native American + 8% British & Irish + 2% French & German, and a lit bit of everything else.

I love it! I love knowing this about myself because It makes me feel connected to the world on a much larger scale. Also, my desire to travel is so real and amplified knowing I have genetic roots all around the globe.

Sending my love
to everyone today and always.
x o x o, Melissa
Photo: @createwithgusto
Venue: @femxquarters
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