When @lovelydayandco posted her response to the age-old question of “How are you?”
— I felt the words so deeply and felt obligated to share her wisdom: 
Design by Mint and Merit

Design by Mint and Merit #mintandmeritdesign 

Such a basic question,
“how are you?”⁣ Yet over the past year or so, 
I’ve searched for the words to answer.⁣
I could say “I’m great, thanks. 
How are you?”
And keep it moving. ⁣
But that doesn’t feel real right now. 
It feels like a surface answer 
from a person who lives to go 
beyond surface.⁣ How can I give an honest reply 
to this question that is likely
just being used as a greeting?⁣

How do I practice being true 
to myself, being vulnerable and also 
not dumping or oversharing?⁣

So when asked, I’m usually quiet 
for a moment, gathering my thoughts, 
assessing how much I want to share,
if I have the time or energy to go there 
and if they have the time, energy or
desire to go there with me and I say 
something like this:

“I am choosing joy and gratitude 
in the midst of the messy and the hard.”⁣

. . .

Because it’s true for me.
It usually always is. 
Life is so so full of joy and fun
and adventure and opportunity… 
and also full of pain and adversity.
And I am grateful for all of it.⁣

So, tell me, friends,
how are you today?⁣ 

Brooke Feldman of @lovelydayandco empowers creatives + solopreneurs to show up for themselves and their biz. 
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